Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Am A Bad Blogger

Sorry, folks. I know my last post was two years (two years?!) ago, but life has had a habit of intruding. In my defense, I have a couple of really good excuses for neglecting this blog - namely, that I was in China for a year and all user-maintained blog websites, Blogspot included, are blocked behind half a dozen firewalls there - but now that I'm back I have a backlog of over a hundred cool art and music projects to catch up on.

Strangely, in the last three months, I've been getting increased traffic from all over the world, for reasons unbeknownst to me. It might just be search-engine spiders, but I'm not complaining. What I AM complaining about is that none of the visitors (assuming they are biological visitors) have left any comments! It's a thankless job, blogging about the underground\low-brow\avant-garde art scene, but I'd be mighty encouraged if people were responsive to what I was posting about. If you stop by, say hi! Tell me which posts were interesting and which didn't do much for you. Give me a head's-up on cool things you've stumbled across.

I'm also looking for co-bloggers. I'm going to try and increase my update frequency to at least once a day, but even that doesn't get the Cabinet up to the output I'd envisioned for it. If you think you have similar sensibilities and you'd like to take a crack at posting here, drop me a line.


Owlfarmer said...
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Owlfarmer said...

Sorry about the deleted post--I just revisited after a long absence and discovered that you'd been gone. At any rate, welcome back; looking forward to more posts on the weird and wonderful.

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